This section includes the abbreviations and field markers as given in the orginal print dictionary, and also a list of relevant fields sorted to assist in searching the on-line version.


Subject Field Markers

a., adj. Adjective Bac: Bacteriology
A: Archaism; ancient; in former use Bak: Baking
Abs. Absolutely, absolute use Ball: Ballistics
Ac: Acoustics Bank: Banking
acc. Accusative   Baseball
Adm: Administration B. Hist: Bible History
adv. Adverb, adverbial Bib: Bibliography
Adv.phr. Adverbial phrase Bill: Billiards
Aer: Aeronautics Bio-Ch: Biochemistry
Agr: Agriculture Biol: Biology
A. Hist: Ancient history Bookb: Bookbinding
Alg: Algebra Book-k: Book-keeping
  Algae Bootm: Bootmaking
Amph: Amphibia Bot: Botany
Anat: Anatomy   Bowls
Anglo-W: Anglo-Welsh Box: Boxing
Ann: Annelida Breed: Breeding
Ant: Antiquity, -ies Brew: Brewing
Anthr: Anthropology Brickm: Brickmaking
Ap: Apiculture    
approx. Approximately card. a. Cardinal adjective
Ar: Arithmetic   Cards
Arach: Arachnida Carp: Carpentry
Arb: Arboriculture Cav: Cavalry
Arch: Architecture Cer: Ceramics
Archeol: Archaeology Cf. Refer to
Arm: Armour Ch: Chemistry
  Arms Chr: Chronology
Art: Art Cin: Cinematography
Artil: Artillery Civ: Civilisation
Astr: Astronomy Civ.E: Civil Engineering
Astrol: Astrology Cl: Classical
Atom.Ph: Atomic physics Clockm: Clock and watch making
attrib. Attributive Cmptr: Computer studies
Austr: Australia; Australian Coel: Coelenterata
Aut: Automobilism cogn. acc Cognate accusative
aux: Auxiliary Coll: Collective
Av: Aviation Com: Commerce Combining form
B: Biblical; Bible Comest: Comestibles
    comp. Comparative
    Conc: Concrete
Conch: Conchology Exp: Explosives
condit. Conditional    
conj. Conjunction f Feminine
conj. like Conjugated like F: Familiar, colloquial
Const: Construction Farr: Farriery
Coop: Cooperage Fb: Football
Corr: Correspondence Fenc: Fencing
Cost: Costume, clothing Fin: Finance
cp. Compare Fish: Fishing
Cr: Cricket For: Forestry
Crust: Crustacea Fort: Fortification
Cryst: Crystallography Fr. French; France
Cu: Culinary; cuisine fu. Future
Cust: Customs   Fuel
Cy: Cycles; cycling Fung: Fungi
    Furn: Furniture
Danc: Dancing    
dat. Dative   Games
def. Definite Gasm: Gasmaking
def. Defective Geog: Geography
dem. Demonstrative Geol: Geology
Dent: Dentistry Geom: Geometry
Dial: Dialect ger. Gerund
dim: Diminutive Glassm: Glassmaking
Dipl: Diplomacy Gr. Greek
Dist: Distilling Gr.Alph: Greek Alphabet
Dom. Ec: Domestic Economy Gr.Ant: Greek Antiquity
Draw: Drawing Gr. Civ: Greek Civilization
Dressm: Dressmaking Gram: Grammar
Dy: Dyeing   Gramophones
    Gym: Gymnastics
E. East    
E: Engineering Hairdr: Hairdressing
Ecc: Ecclesiastical Harn: Harness
Echin: Echinodermata Hebrew Alph. Hebrew Alphabet
Ecol: Ecology Her: Heraldry
e.g. For example Hist: History; historical
El: Electricity; electrical Hor: Horology
El.-Ch: Electro- Chemistry Hort: Horticulture
El.E: Electrical engineering Hum: Humorous
EL-Ch: Electro- Chemistry Husb: Husbandry
El.E: Electrical engineering Hyd: Hydraulics; hydrostatics
Eng. English; England    
Eng. Hist. English history i. Intransitive
Eng. Lit. English literature I.C.E: Internal Combustion Engines
Eng Pln. English place-name Ich: Ichthyology
Engr: Engraving imp. Imperative
Ent: Entomology impers. Impersonal
epith. Epithet (adjective) ind. Indicative
Equit: Equitation Ind: Industry
esp. Especially indef. Indefinite
etc. Et cetera ind. t. Indirectly
Eth: Ethics Hairdr: Hairdressing
Ethn: Ethnology Harn: Harness
excl. Exclamation; exclamative Hebrew Alph. Hebrew Alphabet
inf. Infinitive M.W: Mid Wales
Ins: Insurance Myr: Myriapods
int. Interjection Myth: Myth and legend, mythology
interr. Interrogative    
inv. Invariable n. noun
Irish myth. Irish mythology N. North
Irish Pln. Irish place-name N.Am: North America
Iron: Ironical N.Arch: Naval Architecture
Jew. Jewish Nat. Hist: Natural History
Joc: Jocular Nau: Nautical
Join: Joinery Nav: Navigation
Journ: Journalism   Navy
Jur: Jurisprudence: law N.E: North East Wales
    Needlew: Needlework
  Knitting neg. Negative
    neut. Neuter
Lap: Lapidary Arts nom. Nominative
Laund: Laundering Num: Numismatics
Leath: Leatherwork num. a. Numeral adjective
Lib: Library studies N.W. North West Wales
Ling: Linguistics    
Lit: Literary use; literature;literary O: Obsolescent
Lith: Lithography Obst: Obstetrics
Locksm: Locksmithery Oc: Oceanography
Log: Logic occ. Occasionally
Lt. Latin Onomat: Onomatopoeia
    Opt: Optics
m Masculine Orn: Ornithology
Magn: Magnetism Ost: Ostreiculture
Mapm: Mapmaking    
Mch: Machines p. Participle
Meas: Weights and Measures P. Popular; slang
Mec: Mechanics Paint: Painting trade
Mec. E: Mechanical Engineering Pal: Paleography
Med: Medicine Paleont: Paleontology
Mediev: Medieval Paperm: Papermaking
Metall: Metallurgy Parl: Parliament
Metalw: Metalworking Pat: Patagonian Welsh
Metaph: Metaphysics Path: Pathology
Meteor: Meteorology p.d. Past descriptive; imperfect tense
Mil Military Pej: Pejorative
Mill: Milling Perf. Perfect
Min: Mining and quarrying pers. Person; personal
Miner: Mineralogy Ph: Physics
M.Ins: Maritime insurance Pharm: Pharmacy
Moham: Mohammedan Ph. Geog: Physical Geography
Moll: Molluscs Phil Philosophy
Moss: Mosses and lichens Phot: Photography
Mount: Mountaineering Phot.Engr: Photo-engraving; process work
Mth: Mathematics phr. Phrase
Mus: Music p. Participle
mut. Mutation Physiol: Physiology
    Pisc: Pisciculture
pl Plural    
Pln. Place-name Sculp: Sculpture
Plumb: Plumbing S.E. South-East Wales
P.N: Public notices Ser: Sericulture
Poet: Poetical   Singular
Pol: Politics Sm.a. Small arms
Pol. Ec: Political Economy s.o. Someone
poss. Possessive Soapm: Soapmaking
Post: Postal Service Social: Sociology
p.p. Past participle Sp: Sport
pr. Present Spong: Sponges
pred. Predicate; predicative St.Exch. Stock Exchange
pref. Prefix sth. Something
Prehist: Prehistory Stonew: Stoneworking
prep. Preposition sub. Subjunctive
prep.phr. Prepositional phrase suff. Suffix
Pr.n. Proper name Sug. -R Sugar-Ref in ing
pron. Pronoun sup. Superlative
Pros: Prosody Surg: Surgery
Prot: Protozoa Surv: Surveying
Prov: Proverb S.W. South-West Wales
pr.p. Present participle Swim: Swimming
Psy: Psychology    
Publ: Publishing Tail- Tailoring
Pyr: Pyrotechnics Tan: Tanning
    Tchn: Technical
Qu: Quarrying Ten: Tennis
q.v. See this word Tex: Textiles
    Tg: Telegraphy
Rac: Racing Th: Theatre
Rad.A: Radioactivity Theol: Theology
Rail: Railways thg. Thing
R. C Ch: Roman Catholic Church Tls: Tools
rel. Relative Toil: Toilet; make-up
Rel: Religion(s) Town.P: Town-Planning
Rel.H: Religious History Tp: Telephony
Rept: Reptiles tr. Transitive
Rh: Rhetoric Trans: Transport
rhn. Rhywun = Someone Trig: Trigonometry
rhth. Rhywbeth = Something   Turf
rn. Rhywun – Someone T.V: Television
  Rockets Typ: Typography
Rom. Roman Typewr: Typewriting
Ropem: Ropemaking    
Row: Rowing U.S: United States
rth. Rywbeth = Something usu. Usually
R.T.M. Registered trademark    
    V. Verb
S. South V: Vulgar; not in polite use
S.a. See also Veh: Vehicles
Sch: Schools and Universities Ven: Venery
Scot: Scottish Vet: Veterinary science
Scot. Hist. Scottish history v.i. Intransitive verb
Scot. Pln. Scottish place-name v. ind. t. Verb indirectly transitive
  Scouting Vit: Viticulture
vn. verbnoun X X Rays
Voc: Vocative Y Yachting Pronominal verb Z Zoology
v.t. Transitive verb * Neologism
    (*) Neological use
W. (i) West (ii) Welsh [ ] Enclose optional letter or word
W. Hist. Welsh history    
W. Lit. Welsh literature    
W. Pin. Welsh place-name The vertical line | in a Welsh word indicates that the main stress falls on the vowel following it.
Wine-m: Winemaking
Wr: Wrestling    
W. Tel: Wireless Telephony and Telegraphy    
W. Tg: Wireless Telegraphy    
W. Tp: Wireless Telephony    


A.Furn: Archaic Furniture Dodrefn Hynafol
A.Geog: Archaic Geography Daearyddiaeth Hynafol
A.Meas: Archaic Measurements Mesuriadau Hynafol
A.Med: Archaic Medicine Meddygaeth Hynafol
A.Ph: Archaic Physics Ffiseg Hynafol
A: Archaism; ancient; in former use Ymadrodd Hynafol; defnydd hynafol
Ac: Acoustics Acwsteg
Adm: Administration Gweinyddiaeth
Admin: Administration Gweinyddiaeth
Aer: Aeronautics Awyrennaeth
Aerodynamics: Aerodynamics Aerodynameg
Agr: Agriculture Amaeth
Alg: Algebra Algebra
Algae: Algae Algâu
Alph: Alphabet y Wyddor
Amph: Amphibia Amffibia
Amphib: Amphibia Amffibia
Anat: Anatomy Anatomeg
Anglican: Anglican Anglicanaidd
Ann: Annelida Annelida
Ant: Antiquity Hynafiaethau
Anthr: Anthropology Anthropoleg
Ap: Apiculture Cadw Gwenyn
Ar: Arithmetic Rhifyddeg
Arach: Arachnida Arachnida
Arb: Arboriculture Tyfu Coed
Arch: Architecture Pensaernïaeth
Archeol: Archaeology Archaeoleg
Archery: Archery Saethyddiaeth
Archives: Archives Archifau
Arm: Armour Arfwisg
Arms: Arms Arfau
Art: Art Celf
Art: Hist: Art History Hanes Celf
Artil: Artillery Magnelau
Artill: Artillery Magnelau
Astr: Astronomy Seryddiaeth
Astrol: Astrology Sêr-ddewiniaeth
Astron: Astronomy Seryddiaeth
Astronautics: Astronautics Teithio’r Gofod
Athletics: Athletics Athletau
Atom.Ph.Meas: Atomic physics measures Mesuriadau Ffiseg Atomig
Atom.Ph: Atomic physics Ffiseg Atomig
Aus: Australia; Australian Awstralia
Aust: Australia; Australian Awstralia
Austr.P: Australian slang Awstralia
Austr: Australia; Australian Awstralia
Austral: Australia; Australian Awstralia
Aut: Automobilism Moduro
Av.Hist: Aviation History Hanes Awyrennau
Av: Aviation Awyrennau
B.Hist: Bible History Hanes Beiblaidd
B: Biblical; Bible Beiblaidd; y Beibl
Bac: Bacteriology Bacterioleg
Bact: Bacteriology Bacterioleg
Bak: Baking Pobi
Ball: Ballistics Balisteg
Ballet: Ballet Bale
Bank: Banking Bancio
Baseball: Baseball Pêl Fas
Basketball: Basketball Pêl Fasged
Basketmaking: Basketmaking Gwneud Basgedi
Bellringing: Bellringing Canu Clychau
Bev: Beverage Diod
Bill: Billiards Biliards
Bio-Ch: Biochemistry Biocemeg
Biol.Z: Biology and Zoology Bioleg a Sŵoleg
Biol: Biology Bioleg
Bookb: Bookbinding Rhwymo Llyfrau
Book-k: Book-keeping Cadw Cyfrifon
Bootm: Bootmaking Crefft y Crydd
Bot: Botany Botaneg
Bowls: Bowls Bowls
Box: Boxing Bocsio
Breed: Breeding Bridio
Brew: Brewing Bragu
Brickm: Brickmaking Gwneud brics
Bridge: Bridge Bridge
Buddhist: Buddhist Bwdhaidd
Canada: Canada Canada
Canoeing: Canoeing Canŵio
Cards: Cards Cardiau
Carp: Carpentry Gwaith Coed
Cer: Ceramics Cerameg
Ch: Chemistry Cemeg
Chess: Chess Gwyddbwyll
Cin: Cinematography Sinematograffi
Civ.E: Civil Engineering Peirianneg Sifil
Civ: Civilisation Gwareiddiad
Class.Myth: Classical Mythology Mytholeg Glasurol
Clockm: Clock and watch making Gwneud Clociau a Watsys
Cmptr: Computer studies Astudiaethau Cyfrifiadurol
Cockfighting: Cockfighting Ymladd Ceiliogod
Coel: Coelenterata Coelenterata
Com: Commerce Masnach
Comest: Comestibles Bwydydd
Conch: Conchology Cregynneg
Const: Construction Adeiladu
Constr: Construction Adeiladu
Coop: Cooperage Cowperiaeth
Corr: Correspondence Gohebiaeth
Cosmetics: Cosmetics Coluron
Cost: Costume Gwisgoedd
Cr: Cricket Criced
Craft: Craft Crefft
Cribbage: Cribbage Cribej
Croquet: Croquet Croquet
Crust: Crustacea Cramenogion
Cryst: Crystallography Grisialeg
Cu: Culinary; cuisine Coginio
Cul: Culinary Coginio
Curling: Curling Cwrlo
Cust: Customs Tollau
Cy: Cycles; cycling Beiciau; beicio
Danc: Dancing Dawns
Darts: Darts Dartiau
Dent: Dentistry Deintyddiaeth
Dial: Dialect Tafodiaith
Dice: Dice Disiau
Dip: Diplomacy Diplomyddiaeth
Dipl: Diplomacy Diplomyddiaeth
Dist: Distilling Distyllu
Dom.Ec: Domestic Economy Gwyddor Tŷ
Dominoes: Dominoes Dominos
Draughts: Draughts Drafftiau
Draw: Drawing Lluniadu
Dressm: Dressmaking Gwneud dillad
Drink: Drink Diod
Dy: Dyeing Llifo
E: Engineering Peirianneg
Ec: Ecclesiastical Eglwysig
Ecc.Arch: Ecclesiastical Architecture Pensaernïaeth Eglwysig
Ecc.Hist: Ecclesiastical History Hanes Eglwysig
Ecc: Ecclesiastical Eglwysig
Ecc: Etc: Ecclesiastical et cetera Eglwysig ac ati
Eccl: Ecclesiastical Eglwysig
Echin: Echinodermata Ecinodermiaid
Ecol: Ecology Ecoleg
Econ.Hist: Economic History Hanes Economaidd
Econ: Economy Economeg
Ed: Education Addysg
El.E: Electrical engineering Peirianneg drydanol
El.Meas: Electrical measurments Mesuriadau trydanol
El.Mus: Electronic music Cerddoriaeth electronig
El: Electricity; electrical Trydan; trydanol
Electronics: Electronics Electroneg
Eng.Geog: English Geography Daearyddiaeth Lloegr
Eng.Hist: English History Hanes Lloegr
Eng.Lit: English Literature Llenyddiaeth Saesneg
Eng: English; England Lloegr
Engr: Engraving Ysgythru
Ent: Entomology Entomoleg
Equit: Equitation Marchogaeth
Eth: Ethics Moeseg
Ethn: Ethnology Ethnoleg
Exp: Explosives Ffrwydron
Falconry: Falconry Heboga
Farr: Farriery Gwaith y Ffariar
Fash: Fashion Ffasiwn
Fb.Pools: Football pools Pyllau pêl-droed
Fb: Football Pêl-droed
Fenc: Fencing Ymladd Cleddyfau
Fence: Fencing Ymladd Cleddyfau
Fencing: Fencing Ymladd Cleddyfau
Fin: Finance Cyllid
Fire-fighting: Fire-fighting Ymladd tân
Fish: Fishing Pysgota
Footb.pools: Football pools Pyllau pêl-droed
For: Forestry Coedwigaeth
Fort: Fortification Amddiffynfeydd
Fr.Adm: French Administration Gweinyddiaeth Ffrainc
Fr.Can: French Canada Canada Ffrengig
Fr.Hist: French History Hanes Ffrainc
Fr.Lit: French Literature Llenyddiaeth Ffrangeg
Fr.Pol: French Politics Gwleidyddiaeth Ffrainc
Fr: French; France Ffrainc
Fung: Fungi Ffyngau
Fungus: Fungus Ffwng
Furn: Furniture Dodrefn
Game: Game Gêm
Games: Games Gemau
Gaming: Gaming Hapchwarae
Gasm: Gasmaking Gwneud Nwy
Genealogy: Genealogy Achyddiaeth
Geog: Geography Daearyddiaeth
Geol: Geology Daeareg
Geom: Geometry Geometreg
Glassm: Glassmaking Gwaith Gwydr
Goeg: Geography Daearyddiaeth
Gold: Gold Aur
Golf: Golf Golff
Gr.Alph: Greek Alphabet y Wyddor Groeg
Gr.Ant: Greek Antiquity Hynafiaethau Groeg
Gr.Arch: Greek Architecture Pensaernïaeth Groeg
Gr.Gram: Greek Grammar Gramadeg Groeg
Gr.Hist: Greek History Hanes Groeg
Gr.Lit: Greek Literature Llenyddiaeth Groeg
Gr.Myth: Greek Mythology Mytholeg Groeg
Gr.Phil: Greek Philosophy Athroniaeth Groeg
Gr.Rom.Ant: Greek and Roman Antiquities Hynafiaethau Groeg a Lladin
Gr.Th: Greek Theatre Theatr Groeg
Gr: Greek Groeg
Gramophone: Gramophone Gramoffon
Gramophones: Gramophones Gramoffonau
Gym: Gymnastics Gymnasteg
Hairdr: Hairdressing Trin Gwallt
Harn: Harness Harnais
Her: Heraldry Herodraeth
Hindu: Hindu Hindŵaidd
Hist: History Hanes
Hockey: Hockey Hoci
Hort: Horticulture Garddwriaeth
Hosiery: Hosiery Hosanwaith
Husb: Husbandry Hwsmonaeth
Hyd.E: Hydro-electricity Trydan Dŵr
Hyd.El: Hydro-electricity Trydan Dŵr
Hyd: Hydraulics; hydrostatics Hydroleg; hydrostateg
Hyg: Hygiene Hylendid
I.C.E: Internal Combustion Engines Peiriant Tanio Mewnol
Ich: Ichthyology Pysgodeg
Immunology: Immunology Imiwnoleg
Ind.Hist: Industrial History Hanes Diwydiannol
Ind: Industry Diwydiant
Ins: Insurance Yswiriant
Ir.Geog: Irish Geography Daearyddiaeth Iwerddon
Ir.Hist: Irish History Hanes Iwerddon
Irish: Irish Iwerddon
Jazz: Jazz Jazz
Jew.Rel: Jewish Religion Crefydd Iddewig
Jew: Jewish Religion Crefydd Iddewig
Join: Joinery Saernïaeth
Journ: Journalism Newyddiaduraeth
Jur: Jurisprudence; law Cyfreitheg; y Gyfraith
Knitting: Knitting Gweu
Lap: Lapidary Arts Crefftau gemwaith
Lat.Lit: Latin Literature Llenyddiaeth Ladin
Laund: Laundering Golchi Dillad
Leath: Leatherwork Gwaith Lledr
Lib: Library studies Astudiaethau Llyfrgell
Ling: Linguistics Ieithyddiaeth
Lit.Hist: Literary History Hanes Llenyddol
Lit: Literary use; literature; literary Defnydd llenyddol; llenyddiaeth; llenyddol
Lith: Lithography Lithograffi
Locksm: Locksmithery Gwneud Cloeau
Log: Logic Rhesymeg
Lt.phr: Latin phrase ymadrodd Lladin
Lt: Latin Lladin
M.Ins: Maritime insurance Yswiriant Morol
Magn: Magnetism Magnetaeth
Mapm: Mapmaking Gwneud Mapiau
Math: Mathematics Mathemateg
Mch: Machines Peiriannau
Meas: Weights and Measures Pwysau a Mesurau
Mec.E: Mechanical Engineering Peirianneg Fecanyddol
Mec: Mechanics Mecaneg
Mech: Mechanical Mecanyddol
Med: Medicine Meddygaeth
Med: A: Medical in former use Meddygaeth mewn defnydd blaenorol
Med: Fung: Medicine and Fungi Meddygaeth a Ffyngau
Mediev.Phil: Medieval Philosophy Athroniaeth y Canol Oesoedd
Metall: Metallurgy Meteleg
Metalw: Metalworking Gwaith metel
Metaph: Metaphysics Metaffiseg
Meteor: Meteorology Meteoroleg
Methodology: Methodology Methodoleg
Mil.E: Military Engineering Peirianneg Filwrol
Mil: Military Milwrol
Mill: Milling Melino
Min: Mining and quarrying Mwyngloddio a Chwarela
Miner: Mineralogy Mwynoleg
Minting: Minting Bathu
Moll: Molluscs Molysgiaid
Motor: Motoring Moduro
Mount: Mountaineering Mynydda
Mth: Mathematics Mathemateg
Mth: Geom: Mathematics and Geometry Mathemateg a Geometreg
Mth: Ph: Mathematics and Physics Mathemateg a Ffiseg
Mus: Music Cerddoriaeth
Myr: Myriapods Amldroedion
Myth: Myth and legend, mythology Myth a chwedl, mytholeg
N.Am: North America Gogledd America
N.Arch: Naval Architecture Pensaernïaeth Lyngesol
N.Eng: New England New England
N.Z: New Zealand Seland Newydd
Nat.Hist: Natural History Byd Natur
Nau: Nautical Morol
Naut: Nautical Morol
Nav.Hist: Naval History Hanes Llyngesol
Nav: Navigation Mordwyo
Navy: Navy Llynges
Needlew: Needlework Gwniadwaith
Num: Numismatics Niwmismateg
Obst: Obstetrics Obstetreg
Oc: Oceanography Eigioneg
Opt: Optics Opteg
Organ: Organ Organ
Orn: Ornithology Adareg
P.N: Public notices Hysbysiadau cyhoeddus
Paint: Painting trade Crefft paentio
Pal: Paleography Palaeograffeg
Paleont: Paleontology Palaeontoleg
Palmistry: Palmistry Darllen Dwylo
Paperm: Papermaking Gwneud Papur
Parl: Parliament Senedd
Path: Pathology Patholeg
Ph: Physics Ffiseg
Ph: Ch: Physics and Chemistry Ffiseg a Chemeg
Pharm: Pharmacy Fferylliaeth
Phil: Philosophy Athroniaeth
Philately: Philately Casglu Stampiau
Phot.Engr: Photo-engraving; process work Ysgythru ffotograffau; gwaith prosesu
Phot: Photography Ffotograffiaeth
Physiol: Physiology Ffisioleg
Pisc: Pisciculture Magu Pysgod
Plumb: Plumbing Plymio
Poetry: Poetry Barddoniaeth
Pol.Ec: Political Economy Economeg Wleidyddol
Pol.Hist: Political History Hanes Gwleidyddol
Pol: Politics Gwleidyddiaeth
Police: Police Heddlu
Post: Postal Service Gwasanaeth y Post
Prehist: Prehistory Cynhanes
Print: Printing Argraffu
Pros: Prosody Mydryddiaeth
Prov: Proverb Dihareb
Psy: Psychology Seicoleg
Psych: Psychology Seicoleg
Psychics: Psychics Seicig
Publ: Publishing Cyhoeddi
Pyr: Pyrotechnics Pyrotechneg
Quoits: Quoits Coetio
R.C.Ch: Roman Catholic Church Eglwys Babyddol
Rac: Racing Rasio
Radar: Radar Radar
Rail: Railways Rheilffyrdd
Rel.Arch: Religious Architecture Pensaernïaeth Eglwysig
Rel.H: Religious History Hanes Crefyddol
Rel.Hist: Religious History Hanes Crefyddol
Rel: Religion(s) Crefydd(au)
Rept: Reptiles Ymlusgiaid
Rh: Rhetoric Hanes Crefyddol
Rockets: Rockets Rocedi
Rom.Ant: Roman Antiquities Hanes Crefyddol
Rom.Calendar: Roman Calendar Hanes Crefyddol
Rom.Hist: Roman History Hanes Crefyddol
Rom.Jur: Roman Jurisprudence Cyfreitheg Rhufain
Rom.Mil: Roman Military Milwrol Rhufeinig
Rom.Rel: Roman Religion(s) Crefydd(au) Rhufeinig
Rom: Roman Hanes Crefyddol
Ropem: Ropemaking Gwneud Rhaffau
Row: Rowing Rhwyfo
Rowing: Rowing Rhwyfo
Rugby: Rugby Rygbi
Russ: Russian Rwsia
Sch: Schools and Universities Ysgolion a Phrifysgolion
Scot.Hist: Scottish History Hanes Crefyddol
Scot.Jur: Scottish Jurisprudence Cyfreitheg yr Alban
Scot.Lit: Scottish Literature Llenyddiaeth yr Alban
Scot: Scottish yr Alban
Scouting: Scouting Sgowtio
Sculp: Sculpture Cerflunio
Sculpt: Sculpture Cerflunio
Skating: Skating Sglefrio
Ski: Skiing Sgïo
Sm.a: Small arms Mân arfau
Sm: Small arms Mân arfau
Snooker: Snooker Snwcer
Soc.Adm: Social Administration Gweinyddiaeth Gyhoeddus
Social: Social Cymdeithasol
Sociol: Sociology Cymdeithaseg
Sp: Sport Chwaraeon
St.Exch: Stock Exchange Cyfnewidfa Stoc
Stat: Statistics Ystadegau
Statistics: Statistics Ystadegau
Stonew: Stoneworking Gwaith carreg
Sug.-R: Sugar-Refining Coethi Siwgr
Sug: Sugar Siwgr
Sug-R: Sugar-Refining Coethi Siwgr
Surfing: Surfing Syrffio
Surg: Surgery Llawfeddygaeth
Surv: Surveying Tirfesureg
Swim: Swimming Nofio
T.V: Television Teledu
Tail: Tailoring Gwaith Teiliwr
Tch: Technical Technegol
Tchn: Technical Technegol
Techn: Technical Technegol
Tel: Telephony Teleffoni
Ten: Tennis Tennis
Tex: Textiles Tecstilau
Tg: Telegraphy Telegraffiaeth
Th: Theatre Theatr
Theol: Theology Diwinyddiaeth
Tls: Tools Offer
Toil: Toilet; make-up Taclau ymolch; coluron
Toys: Toys Teganau
Tp: Telephony Teleffoni
Trans: Transport Trafnidiaeth
Trig: Trigonometry Trigonomeg
Turf: Turf Byd Rasio
TV: Television Teledu
Typ: Typography Argraffwaith
Typewr: Typewriting Teipiadura
U.S: United States Unol Daleithiau
Veh: Vehicles Cerbydau
Ven: Venery Hela
Vet: Veterinary science Milfeddygaeth
W.Anthr: Welsh Anthropology Hanes Crefyddol
W.Geog: Welsh Geography Daearyddiaeth Cymru
W.Gram: Welsh Grammar Gramadeg y Gymraeg
W.Hist: Welsh History Hanes Crefyddol
W.Jur: Welsh Jurisprudence Cyfreitheg Cymru
W.Lit: Welsh Literature Llenyddiaeth Gymraeg
W.Med: Welsh Medicine Meddygaeth Cymru
W.Mus: Welsh Music Cerddoriaeth Gymreig
W.Myth: Welsh Mythology Mytholeg Gymreig
W.Pros: Welsh Prosody Mydryddiaeth Gymraeg
W.Rel.Hist: Welsh Religious History Hanes Crefyddol
W.Tel: Wireless Telephony and Telegraphy Teleffoni a Thelegraffiaeth Ddiwifr
W.Tg: Wireless Telegraphy Telegraffiaeth Ddiwifr
W.Th: Welsh Theatre Theatr Gymreig
Weaving: Weaving Nyddu
Whaling: Whaling Hela Morfilod
Wr: Wrestling Ymaflyd Codwm
Y: Yachting Hwylio Cychod
Z: Zoology Sŵoleg
Z: Orn: Zoology and Ornithology Sŵoleg ac Adareg