History of the Digital Version

In 2007 the Welsh Language Board obtained a licence from Bruce Griffiths and Dafydd Glyn Jones, the editors of the Welsh Academy English-Welsh Dictionary to publish a digital version of the Dictionary. The intention in doing so is to ensure that this important resource is easily accessible to people who speak, read and write the Welsh language daily and to show the richness of the language to those who are learning it.

The Dictionary is of course an English to Welsh dictionary. In order to prepare this digital version the entries were put into a database. This will also facilitate researching into the corpus of the Dictionary and could with time facilitate publishing a Welsh to English dictionary and other shorter versions of the Dictionary if needed, subject to the consent of the editors.

At present the Dictionary is available free of charge subject to the conditions of use. It should be noted that the work of proofreading some entries has not yet been completed. If you encounter any difficulties with the entries or wish to discuss the digital version of the Dictionary please send a message to the following e-mail address:

From 1 April 2012 the licence to publish this digital version will be transferred to the Welsh Language Commissioner.